Individual goals established through a 
collaboration with your therapist may include:

Anger Management
Becoming Visible through Voice
Building Boundaries in Relationships
Creating a Foundation for Self
Crisis Management
Dealing with Dramatic Dynamics
Development of Effective Stress Releases
Effectiveness of Calm Communication
Embracing a Positive Energy for Change
Empowerment from Pain
Exploration of Sex Role Identification
Freedom from Worry
Growth through Loss & Grief
Healing from Brokenness
Improved Coping in Crisis
Teen/Parent Communication
Independence from Self Medicating
Life After Divorce
Movement from “Shoulds to Choices”
Reclaiming Your "Self"
Reducing Anxiety/Depression
Relationship Restoration
Social Development
Transition from Trauma
Victory over Victimization
The Therapy Process

Psychotherapy is actually an “investment” in your health and happiness!  It is a collaborative process that requires self-honesty, patience, courage, and commitment to the therapeutic alliance that you establish with your therapist.  Note: You can click on link to each service for more details.
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