My education and post-graduate training has been comprehensive and holistic with a focus on “wellness” rather than psychopathology.  As a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor, I have a Master of Science in Counseling from the School of Education at the University of Houston, Clear Lake (1994).  

Additionally, I have 16+ years of professional experience working with individuals (of all ages), groups, and families in the healing from past wounds that may still negatively influence present-day experiences.

I can empathize with most of my clients' pain and loss
from my own childhood and adult life experiences.  It seems that conflict and failure are both a necessary part of learning, decision making, and ultimately, success in creating what we desire.  I've learned that personal growth occurs with measured risks, failures, and despite fear
About Me
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In my personal journey of failures and growth, and with much self-reflection, I discovered new ways of thinking and coping.  This gave me an ability to work through and beyond obstacles to accomplish goals.

If you would like to feel more in control of your life, the paths you choose, to make more informed or conscious (vs. automatic or patterned) choices, contact me directly by phone for information or to schedule an initial consultation.